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Quality Control Policy

Neotech is a company that provides high-quality technical translation services.  Primarily we specialize in large-scale, long-term, complex projects, requiring solutions unique to the field of translation and realization within the customer’s optimal timeframe.

Our goals:

  • Conquest and retention of the position of indisputable leader on the Russian market of technical translation services.
  • Full-scale appearance of the company on international markets of technical translation services.
  • Widening of the spectrum of services provided in the fields of technical translation and documentation preparation.
  • Maintenance of a constant growth and development dynamic of company profitability.

These goals are realized through the effective work of a close-knit team of professionals in the following areas:

  • Integration of the technical translation product into the technological cycle of the Customer by application of optimal solutions, based on the latest modern achievements of linguistic engineering and completely corresponding to the Customer’s requirements.
  • Constant improvement and increased efficiency of business processes and the quality control system using modern management techniques.
  • Improvement of the system of sales and promotion of the technical translation product and introduction of this system to a fundamentally new level in the translation field.
  • Heightened personnel work efficiency through professional training of company employees on an elective basis.  Creation and maintenance of systems of company work relations that ensure a high level of responsibility of each employee for labor results and involvement in processes of improving company activity.
  • Further development of an effective system of coordination with highly-qualified free-lance contractors and subcontracting companies on mutually profitable terms.
  • Organization of knowledge accumulated by the company over 20 years of successful work, and ensuring effective and convenient use of the Knowledge Management System created on the basis of this experience.

Vera Tyan
Company Director