Neotech Today

20 Years of Staying True to Our Principles

Today, Neotech is the largest translation company in Russia and the CIS. Founded in 1991, it has since developed and committed to principles ensuring its smooth and impeccable operation.
The first is to adapt the best global practices by carefully studying, elaborating and customizing technologies and solutions.
The second is to build all business processes focusing on perfect quality.
The third and the most important principle is to attract the best professionals and offer them great career opportunities so that they can jointly contribute to Neotech’s strength, ensure knowledge continuity and make the company’s brand recognizable.
The fourth principle is to create a comprehensive and constantly growing knowledge system that meets the market requirements at all stages and at any development level.

Quality Is Our Key Priority

All in-house business processes are built to fully meet our corporate customers’ language support needs. Improving our services and making them available for a wide range of customers require a constant focus on improving the work management system, investing in new technologies, and training our employees. Neotech’s services comply with ISO 17100:2015.

Knowing the Customer’s Needs

Our key areas of expertise include oil & gas, automotive industry, medicine, IT and telecommunications. These are the most quickly and vigorously developing industries, and our task is to keep up with the times as much as we can within our scope of responsibility: multilingual support services. We believe there are no unsolvable tasks; some simply require a bit more time and a little more imagination in planning and implementation. A new project often calls for a new technological solution, which is then tested to become a tool used again and again.

Consistency and Continuity

We do not only provide quality technical translation services but also fully support the business activities of our customers at all stages of their development and growth. We widely practice long-term cooperation and provide multilingual support for our corporate customers. We have helped many of them enter the Russian, European, and other markets, and went through the initial presentation of goods, services and brands together. Their innovative transformations and rearrangements became our milestones, and we continue to grow together.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

We never stop our consistent and well-planned work to develop and implement industry technologies and standards, including the rules of business and relations of the Russian translation market, and are actively developing a training system for professionals. The company has successfully implemented the Gain & Share full-scale consulting program.

Anticipated and Logical Growth

Neotech provides linguistic support services to global corporations and has representative offices in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We discover new markets by following or leading our customers and responsibly offer intercultural adaptation services only after studying all ins and outs of a foreign environment.⁠

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