Go-to-market Localization

International economic relations have long become commonplace for many businesses. Major corporations consistently forge new agreements, extending their influence into fresh territories. As such, the need for marketing localization that carefully considers market intricacies and target audiences is often paramount. Skillful marketing localization can be the key to your product's success in a new market.

Undertaking such responsibilities entails a significant degree of diligence. Firstly, errors are fundamentally impermissible. Secondly, complications may arise in the translation of measurement systems. Russian-speaking audiences frequently operate with different currencies, units of lengths, and weights, compared to, say, residents of the United Kingdom.

Hence, an English economic translation must be performed by a linguist who can readily discern and tailor the text to the target audience, whilst ensuring meticulous accuracy in computations. Furthermore, a seamless translation of economic terminology necessitates a robust command of relevant industry jargon. Nevertheless, the utmost requirement remains the preservation of translation precision.

Neotech's mission is to set up a team of experts capable of delivering perfect marketing translations.

Our translators navigate such tasks on a daily basis, ensuring seamless execution of your requirements with efficiency and promptness.

  • Localization of slogans, brochures, product descriptions, user manuals
  • Localization of multimedia materials
  • Copywriting and rewriting of marketing materials
  • Transcription and linguistic expertise of names
  • Multilingual DTP
  • State-of-the-art technologies and tools for translation
  • Proprietary innovations to enhance workflow and maintain translation excellence
  • Tailored approach to each client and project
  • A multi-tiered quality control system

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