Linguistic Consulting

Linguistic consulting provided by Neotech is a full-scale program that incorporates international best practices and takes into account the unique business processes of the customer. This synergy of industry standards on the one hand and an individual approach on the other hand allows creating an international translation department both from scratch and based on your staff.

Here is what we can do for companies with their own translation services:

  • Assess full-time specialists’ qualifications.
  • Develop qualification upgrade methods.
  • Give recommendations on targeted personnel use in various translation activities.
  • Build a technology stack to work directly on translation.
  • Advise on how to enhance the organizational structure and production processes.
  • Introduce various CAT tools and provide training.

Do you want to create a translation department from scratch? We will help you handle:

  • Personnel recruitment and training with due regard to your business processes.
  • Translation process organization.
  • Creation of a technical translation environment.
  • Selection of CAT tools from a general technology stack.
  • Integration of the new department into the existing corporate system.

Neotech has been providing linguistic consulting services for over 15 years, during which we have:

  • Analyzed and introduced best global practices.
  • Adapted western technologies, solutions and tools for Russia.
  • Systematized our experience and created a unique knowledge base.
  • Developed our own system of vocational training and qualification upgrade.
  • Implemented a company-wide succession plan.

You can order linguistic consulting for your company by filling out the form, calling +7 (495) 787-33-31 or sending a request to

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