Neotech launched a separate automotive department in 1995. Over the years, a strong team of automotive professionals has been formed. All managers and editors are graduates with extensive experience. Our employees are truly passionate about automotive topics and are able to find solutions for the most extraordinary project tasks.

- The design of wheel and track-type vehicles? Service equipment and special tools? Interfaces of head units and device combinations?
- No problem! We are distinguished by a deep knowledge of the design and understanding operation principles of mechanisms and machines.

Our clients are all kinds of companies from small enterprises to international groups operating in different market segments. All terminological issues are discussed with customers so that the final result fully meets all agreed requirements. Our modern software and translation optimization tools ensure impeccable quality and strict observance of project dates.

Market segments

  • Cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Engines
  • Construction, road and special equipment
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Equipment and tools for maintenance
  • Tires
  • Railway transport

Our specialization

  • Maintenance and repair materials (service manuals and service tables; repair manuals; body repair manuals; electrical circuits; standard times; recall actions and service activities, etc.)
  • Training materials (technical materials and trainings; special documents describing product features; training films and videos; training multimedia materials; training materials for sales skills and communication with customers, etc.)
  • Software interface and content (spare part catalogs; special equipment and tool catalogs; diagnostic testers; electronic management systems for document flow between manufacturer, importer and dealer; head units (car stereo), etc.)
  • Marketing materials (promotional brochures; press releases, press kits; accessory catalogs; promotional videos; websites, etc.)
  • Onboard information (operating manuals; service books, etc.)
  • Interpretation (linguistic support during trainings, meetings, etc.; simultaneous interpreting; event-related equipment lease)
  • Additional services (document formatting, professional composition; prepress; printing services)
  • Other (corporate codes of conduct; warranty service information; documents for car dealer management)

Project cycle

For the high quality of our translation, each project goes through a full implementation cycle consisting of the following steps:

  1. Coordinating requirements with the client

  2. Setting up a project team: project manager, translators, editors

  3. Preparing a project glossary (approval by the customer)

  4. Translation

  5. Editing and proofreading

  6. Page layout

  7. Expert assessment

  8. Feedback: confirmation of customer satisfaction

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