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About us

Neotech Global translation company is a regional branch of Russian company Neotech in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Established – 2005
Number of salaried employees – 12
Number of free-lance employees – 120

Number of active offices in Almaty – 3
An office is scheduled to be opened in Astana in 2009.

Neotech Global translation company provides services of translation, linguistic consulting, and notarization. These services are provided for both corporate clients and private individuals.
The topics of translations for corporate clients encompass areas of focus such as the oil and gas and automobile industries, information technologies and telecommunications, jurisprudence, and medicine. Business processes within the company are arranged to maximally meet clients’ linguistic support needs. Linguistic support services for global corporations are provided at the level of universal requirements and standards – not for nothing did the mother company Neotech become the first translation company on the CIS market to pass certification of its own quality management system for compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2000.
The topics of translations for private individuals are truly innumerable. An expanded spectrum and increased quality of services, along with the availability and convenience of the latter, has quickly won over those who have turned to Neotech Global for assistance.
The Company’s advantages include colossal experience and an extensive knowledge base, the highest level of project management, and the newest order processing technologies. Several of the technologies applied have been recognized as the standard for the translation industry. The company is the acknowledged Competence Center for applying “translation memory” systems (Trados and Transit), and is developing a system for training specialists in the skills of applying this class of program in Kazakhstan.
Neotech Global now continues its systematic and planned work of developing and implementing translation industry standards, work originally begun in Russia, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including a body of rules for business and interpersonal relations in the translation industry.