Развитие языка

For nearly ten years now the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been conducting a state program for developing the Kazakh language. The importance of this program is borne out by the close personal attention of the country’s president. N.A. Nazarbaev underscores the enormous significance of work in this area for the Republic as a whole: “… if we wish to become a respected and competitive country, we must be a single, united nation. A nation that will be integrated by common values, with a harmonious language environment; a nation oriented towards the future…”.

Our language is an important factor in uniting all Kazakhstanis, and the issue of its development is important not so much for representatives of the Republic’s government as it is for each citizen, regardless of their occupation. The subject is of still greater relevance for those for whom language constitutes their sphere of professional interests and duties. As an active member of the professional community, Neotech considers itself duty-bound to aid in supporting and developing the Kazakh language to the best of its abilities.

Articles in this section are dedicated to the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan: its history and future, how it is seen by professionals, the subtleties of translation into Kazakh and from Kazakh to other languages, the details of terminological work, and many other particularities of professional work with the language. Neotech is creating its own open platform for discussion of the most relevant issues, and invites professionals – practicing translators, linguists, and ethnographers – to voice their position on the issue of language development.

You can express your opinion on materials in this section, submit questions to the authors of articles, and publish your professional position on this issue by writing to us at sales@neotech.kz

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