Machine Translation

Ever find yourself with a two-hundred page refrence document in a language you do not know, just a couple of hours before a briefing that requires at least basic understanding of the material? There is no way anyone can translate this so fast.

Now imagine this: it’s not a couple of hours but a couple of weeks, but instead of two hundred pages you have two hundred thousand. Again, people will be at a loss.

Despite the impressive progress in machine translation, computers are still far from replacing humans. This is not something that is going to change in the foreseeable future. Machines cannot do everything for you, but they can help you find a way out in situations when you are pressed for time and money and cannot get a document properly translated.

In skilled hands, machine translation is a flexible and useful tool. It has been tried and tested by many global companies: Microsoft, for instance, uses machine translation for all online support information.

The machine translation market is constantly growing. According to Grand View Research’s estimates, it will increase to 983.3 million USD by 2022.

Modern machine translation technologies go way beyond public online translation services. Not to mention that using them in big companies is simply impossible due to informational security reasons and technical challenges posed by simply uploading documents to Google Translate.

The market of professional machine translation engines is vast and has its own peculiarities. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, an engine may handle certain texts well, but it stumbles on hyperlinks or named entities. It means that translation quality will be lower with documents that have a lot of such data.

Neotech works with nearly two dozens of translation engines. This number is always growing as new promissing solutions keep popping up in the market. With such a great variety of engines to choose from, we can always select what suits your needs the most based on all your wishes and requirements. Now let us take a look at our approach to machine translation.

Machine translation is great for:

  • Translating long documents in a short time.
  • Getting the general idea of a document.
  • Translating internal documentation.
  • Translating standard documents in a certain field and a set language pair using a translation memory.

We offer four types of services:

Machine translation Machine translation
Light post-editing
Machine translation
Full post-editing
Turnkey machine translation
Стоимость машинного перевода
The quickest and most accessible option
Optimum price/quality/speed ratio
Publishable text
Individual project
Уровень точности машинного перевода Low accuracy Medium accuracy High accuracy High accuracy
Тип документов для перевода To get the general idea Internal documentation Documents for customers and users Standard company documents
Аудитория готового перевода • determining the target audience;
• engine selection.
• correction of major errors;
• terminology consistency.
• expert field knowledge;
• full post-editing.
• combining the customer’s and Neotech’s translation memories;
• artificial neural network training;
• quality assessment.
Quality assessment
Additional step (mandatory for turnkey machine translation)
Follows post-editing Machine translation is assessed by four criteria (deep linguistic analysis, scope and type of editing, and reference metrics). Allows providing higher-quality translation and speeding up the post-editing process.

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