The localization of products and services, upon entry into new regional markets, assumes utmost significance. Each product, be it specialized software, a game, APP, or any other, ought to converse in the language of the end user

Localization, distinct from the conventional translation service, uniquely considers the cultural nuances of the target market. This holds particular weight in sectors pertaining to information technology, power generation sector, and marketing services.

Since 2003, Neotech's localization team has diligently dedicated its efforts towards projects of diverse intricacy and magnitude, collaborating with both major international partners and emerging enterprises vying for recognition in new markets.

In addition to furnishing services for the localization of the software itself, Neotech extends its willingness to facilitate the preparation of accompanying marketing, educational, and corporate materials required for the successful initiation and advancement of the product.

We greatly esteem the outcomes of our work, for it is not just our professionalism and rich experience across various tasks that unites us, but also our shared affection for technology.

  • User manuals
  • Software
  • Mobile applications
  • Video and audio materials
  • Educational e-courses
  • Websites
  • Video games for any platforms
  • Marketing materials
  • Content localization for online shops
  • Copywriting, adapting content to suit its intended purpose (adaptation for various target groups within a single project for a single client)
  • State-of-the-art technologies and tools for translation
  • Proprietary innovations to enhance workflow and maintain translation excellence
  • Tailored approach to each client and project
  • A multi-tiered quality control system
  • We adeptly handle a wide array of language pairs
  • We process all major data formats with efficiency
  • Our team selection process is swift and tailored to every project's needs
  • We tackle linguistic challenges of any complexity
  • We seamlessly integrate the translation process into the client's business operations
  • We deliver not merely translation, but a comprehensive "turnkey" solution
  • We offer linguistic consultations for our clients

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