Online Interpretation

In the current era of remote working, the issue of communication has never been more critical. You may have been planning to conduct employee training, or perhaps an imminent date for crucial business negotiations was on the horizon? The challenges associated with conducting such events in a traditional face-to-face manner not only disrupt plans but can also present significant obstacles for your business. We remain committed to seeking solutions that enable you to efficiently manage remote work.

One such solution is real-time online interpretation. Our interpreters have been proficient in remote interpretation, utilizing platforms like Skype or telephone communication. However, this form of service is now experiencing a surge in demand. Consequently, our company has substantially expanded its offerings in this field. We provide options such as Zoom, Telegram, MS Teams, Skype, and other cloud-based solutions, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Elimination of expenses related to equipment rental, delivery, and setup.
  • Remote connection of consecutive or simultaneous interpreters.
  • Support for events of any scale and format.
  • Event organization within just a few hours.
At all times!
In remote mode, our operations extend beyond traditional 'office hours', and we stand ready to facilitate translations while accommodating various time zones.
No equipment is required!
Instead of specialized hardware, you'll only need an internet connection, a telephone for audio communication, or a computer/smartphone for video communication when accessing our services. Regular land lines, cell phones or cloud platforms serve as alternatives to equipment.
It's straightforward!
You will get comprehensive instructions, along with round-the-clock technical support, enabling you to use our interpretation service without any organizational hassles.
Access to premier resources!
The opportunity to engage the most experienced and dependable translators for your project, regardless of their location.
Any language, any complexity!
A broad spectrum of language pairs and subject matter expertise.
Budget savings!
No travel expenses for the interpreter, which significantly reduces the overall service cost.

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