Neotech’s competence includes translation of any personal and business documents, including texts of various thematic areas (technical, legal, medical, marketing, economic, etc.).

Over the years of operation at the linguistic market, our specialists have developed and introduced into the production process various tools and industry software that help solve clients' tasks as efficiently and promptly as possible.

We translate

  • Personal documents (passport, permission to take a child abroad, certificate, diploma, etc.).
  • Business documents (contracts, incorporation documents, acts, agreements, letters of recommendation, treaties, etc.).
  • Texts of various subjects (legal, medical, marketing, etc.).
  • Business correspondence (registered letters, e-mails and other correspondence).
  • Personal correspondence (letters, e-mails, telegrams, etc.).

Translation cycle

Depending on the complexity and scope of the project, the translation cycle is as follows:

  • Discussion of customer requirements.
  • Formation of the project team.
  • Compilation of a project glossary, if necessary, and approval by the customer.
  • Translation.
  • Text verification: editing and proofreading.
  • Layout and making-up of the finished text, document, etc.
  • Expert evaluation of the quality of the finished translation.
  • Customer feedback to confirm satisfaction.

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