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What sets Neotech Global apart

Consistency and constancy
We offer not only high-quality translation services, but also full support of our client companies’ activities at all stages of their growth and development. We widely practice long-term collaboration, in connection with which we provide multilingual maintenance of many of our corporate clients’ projects and current operations. Modern technologies, the latest developments – no matter how complex our clients’ new projects may be, no matter how complicated their requirements might become, we strive to accommodate them. Together with our customers we go through the stages of initial introduction of their brands and trademarks; we grow, develop, win over consumers of their goods and services; we open up new opportunities and new markets. Their innovative transformations and reorganizations are milestones in our life, as well.
The scale of your company’s activity, the volume and complexity of your request, are of no consequence – with us each client is valued, and we treat each job accordingly. If tomorrow you need a particular new service or assistance in resolving a non-standard issue, we’ll try to resolve your problem, as well. Notary certification and legalization of documents were not listed among our services even yesterday, but they proved necessary to our clients – so we need to be able to do this, as well.
We move forward together with our clients.

We are one step ahead of the majority
Working in conditions of another national culture is yoked to a number of particular challenges: other business traditions, other behavioral norms and mentalities. We are prepared to study, adopt, and take into account all the particularities of working on the Kazakhstan market, even if it requires of us additional effort and expense. For our part, we are certain that we can be extremely useful to the development of the translation market in Kazakhstan, and can make our contribution to the formation of the business relations of the entire business community: after all, we have experience from working with the world’s leading companies and successful collaboration with major corporations under our belt, and we have learned much from them. We are open to new expertise and relations, just as we are prepared to share the expertise and experience we have amassed.

Our growth is predictable and logical
Neotech provides linguistic support services to global corporations on many markets. Neotech Global’s operations began when our customers came to work in this new and interesting region, and we followed them. But we didn’t stop there: we gained new clients here in Kazakhstan. Today our portfolio of orders includes nearly every subject, and encompasses many languages. For a part of our clients we became aids and experts – having studied the particularities and complexities of the Kazakhstan market we were able to give exhaustive recommendations on intercultural adaptation for those just beginning to develop their business in a new geographical region.

Loyalty to principles, respect of traditions
All of Neotech Global’s business processes rest on the tradition of the Neotech (Russia) Technical Documentation Bureau, whose history spans over 17 years of successful work not only in Russia, but in the USA, Japan, and other CIS countries. Neotech’s knowledge base is an integral part of the daily translation process for specialists working in Kazakhstan. In its declaration of intent to open a company in the city of Almaty, Neotech Global once wrote: “We can count on success only if we deliberately and responsibly approach each stage of the preparation, launching, and development of the new project. Our arsenal must hold only tried and true solutions – we must employ only proven operators, eliciting the highest professionalism, responsiveness, and business ethics from each employee.”