Audiovisual Translation

At Neotech, we have developed a comprehensive range of services for localizing audio/visual presentations, including translation, subtitling, dubbing, voice-overs, transcription, voice-overs and localization of both e-learning and other multimedia content.

Experience accumulated in the field of translation, coupled with engineering competence and state-of-the-art technologies, means we are not only able to successfully implement client orders — both small and complex full-scale projects linked with the localization of audio-visual products — at a very competitive price.

Our services

The error-free superimposing of subtitles is an art demanding not only precision and technical competence but also creativity. Source texts normally require adjustment, in order to create subtitles of the requisite length. At Neotech, we offer a full range of subtitling services, ranging from the direct translation of files containing subtitle text to actual creation of the subtitles using only the original source video.

We offer the following options:

External subtitles: these are created as separate text files, in which the beginning and end of each unit of speech (together with accompanying service data) is displayed. External subtitles are suitable for uploading to video-hosting sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo. External subtitles are not a permanent feature of the video and can, if required, be switched off.

External subtitles are normally produced in the .SRT format (this can be either a newly-created source file or a previously translated file). SRT is, in fact, one of the most popular formats, and it is supported by all the well-known video hosting sites.

However, we are able to produce subtitles in any format requested by the client, such as, for example, .CAP, .DFXP, .MCC, .TXT, .SCC, .STL, .TTML, .VTT, etc.

Internal subtitles: these are “hard-wired” into the video stream during the video coding process. These subtitles cannot be switched off, and they are actually created whilst the source video track is being edited. The advantage of this type of subtitling is that the text is always displayed in the same way, irrespective of the equipment or transmission channel used.

Prior to starting work, our manager clarifies personal requirements of the client and the area of application of the video content. The client is then invited to view samples of the completed works, so that we can agree the individual features and select the final version best suited to needs of the client.

Client will then be given a file containing the subtitles in the format of his/her choice, or a video file with subtitles coded into the video stream.

  • When creating subtitles, we adhere to the best practices of organizations such as ESIST, the WGBH and the BBC.
  • We are able to create subtitles in any required font or colour, and position them in any area of the screen.
  • We offer 80+ languages.
  • The translation and creation of subtitles is carried out exclusively by qualified linguists and native-speakers of the target language.
  • We can offer deadlines from just a few hours.

Voice recording frequently constitutes the most expensive item in the entire audio-visual localization process. In an attempt to keep costs down, we use a range of approaches, each of which ultimately depends on content and individual client requirements.

At Neotech, we offer the following options:

Voice-over narration (voice-overs). When creating a voice-over, recordings of the voices of the narrators are superimposed onto the original sound track. In such a way, the expressive element in the audio sequence can be transferred to the muted track of the original, at the same time as the voice of the narrator explains meaning of the speech.

Voice-overs are optimally suited to the majority of non-marketing and some marketing applications in terms of execution time, quality and price.

Dubbing. Dubbing involves the creation of a new sound track, onto which all the sounds used in a given video (noises, effects and the voices of the actors) are collated and synchronised by a sound engineer. This is the most time consuming, high priced high quality type of voice recording.

We are also able to offer other voice recording options. Further information can be obtained via our website enquiry form, or via email

Before starting work, we ask the client about the area of application of project of the client and any special requirements client may have. We then ask the client to select the voices, which will be heard in recording of the client.

When ordering sound recordings, the client can expect to receive a video file containing the new sound track or an audio file, which can subsequently be integrated into project of the client at his/her convenience.

  • Flexibility in terms of execution costs and deadlines
  • Large selection of narrator voices
  • Quality checks carried out at each stage of the process
  • Discounts for volume orders
  • We can offer deadlines from just a few hours

At Neotech, we offer full localization of video sequences, including the translation of on-screen text and the substitution of titles, opening sequences, logos and other video elements.

Prior to starting work, our manager asks the client to provide us with details of project of the client and shows samples of previously localized video material, in order to give the client an idea of final localization quality.

The client can expect to receive a video file complete with all on-screen text substitutions or video elements.

We can offer all formats.

We can handle both 2-D and 3-D graphics and live-shoot videos.

We can offer deadlines from just a few hours.

Electronic learning is more popular today than ever before. This method of presenting information is used not only in the educational sphere, but also in the corporate sector. The key advantage of electronic teaching is the ability to orientate it to a specific task. Learning materials are usually “subject specific” in character and very good knowledge of the topic is normally required, in order to produce effective translations.

At Neotech, the translation of learning materials is carried out by linguists with specific knowledge of the field, whilst the remaining non-linguistic content is handled by staff with extensive experience in the localization of e-learning content.

This approach ensures a high quality audio product, fully-localized for its target audience.

At Neotech, we offer:

  • Localization of electronic courses
  • Translation of training videos and webinars
  • Localization of videos with screen capture (instructions with voice recording, program presentation and demo video)

We are able to work with Articulate Storyline, Articulate Presenter, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter and CourseLab, or with any other programs requested by the client.

Clients normally receive a SCORM package, a package created on the basis of other formats (AICC, Tin Can API, etc.), or a project file.

Transcription is the representing into textual format of information taken from an audio source. Such information could, for example, be notes from seminars, lectures, webinars, interviews, discussions and other similar materials. Transcription is very often just one stage in the process of localizing multi-media content, but at Neotech, we offer it as a stand-alone service.

When ordering transcription services, clients receive a document in text format complete with copies and time codes.

  • 80+ languages
  • Only qualified linguists and native speakers of the target language
  • Quality checks carried out at each stage of the process
  • 100% accuracy
  • Deadlines — from just a few hours
  • Handling source materials of any quality

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